Looker Studio companion is a free extension for Google Chrome browser. It is created to help users building reports and dashboards inside what is formerly known as Google Data Studio.

This plugin boosts Looker Studio user interface and features to improve your productivity & reports performance.

To install and test Looker Studio Companion

For this first version, LS companion includes the following features.


The first tab proposes resources links we frequently need when we work on Looker Studio:

Looker Studio Companion - Resources tab
  • Functions reference to build calculated fields
  • Regex checker to test regular expressions for our chart filters or formula functions
  • Date formats reference
  • Unicode characters
  • Icon library
  • …but also, as secondary resources…
  • Looker Studio help
  • Measure Slack channel dedicated to Looker Studio, the best place ❤️ to find help from power users
  • LS bug trackers…sometimes, we find bug…sometimes, people already notice the same bug
  • Looker Studio release notes
  • Google Cloud Services Status

Data sources : Fields management

A good Looker Studio data source is a data source listing only relevant fields for your report or because of your measurement scope.

The second tab allows to load your data source fields, filter them and disable/enable through bulk actions:

  • Dropdown menu to select one of your report data sources
  • Button to show the related fields
  • Form field to filter the list by field name (with or without regular expression)
  • Bulk actions to disable or enable selected or all fields
  • Feature to batch update names and descriptions of data source fields (see below)
  • Fields list for selection or unitary activation/deactivation
  • Footer with a count summary of dimensions and metrics
Looker Studio Companion - Data sources tab

Batch update names and descriptions of data source fields
Your data source includes hundreds of fields? You want to go fast to change confusing/technical field names?
The tooltips on table charts incite you to reveal field descriptions to readers? But you need to fill them by batch or to overwrite the default values provided by connector developers?

Looker Studio companion - Data Source - Update names and descriptions

This new feature is made for you! Discover with the video below how you can do all of this by batch with my extension and a Google Sheets sandbox.

  • Copy/Paste the content of the text area field in a temporary Google Sheets or Excel
  • Fill “new name” & “new description” columns for the data source fields you wish to update
  • Select the 5 columns for all the field rows & copy them in your clipboard
  • Go back here selecting the right data source, paste the rows in the field below & submit to update. Voilà.


For the moment, two option types are available on this tab.

settings tab of Looker Studio Companion

1) Main section

Widen chart formula field

The first one allows to widen the chart formula field when you need more space to write your calculated field.

Looker Studio companion - Widen chart formula field

Style tab with field names for table charts

Display the dimensions and metrics names in the style tab of table chart property panel, instead of simple indexes.

Limitations: This feature is available only inside the English and the French version of the Looker Studio user interface.

Looker Studio companion - Settings feature - Style tab with field names for table charts

2) Obfuscate options

You want to show your nice reports without revealing confidential data? To make some screenshots for your reports portfolio? During a meeting or a conference?

3 options are available :

  • Obfuscate all the content
  • Mix text values
  • Mix numeric values

Looker Studio Companion: Obfuscate all the content

Demo: Result after turning on “Obfuscate all the content”

Demo: Mix text or numeric values

To install and test Looker Studio Companion